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Using Git for the Book (Part 5): Visualizing the Work

I always thought it would be interesting to examine the commits for my book using some data visualization. It would be a way to visualize all the work I’ve been doing. This thought simmered as a side project for many months, then in November I installed GitLab. Once I uploaded my book’s repository into GitLab, I had a few visualizations that were interesting.

commits by day

Clearly I’m busier during the middle of the week than towards the end of the week. And it looks like Saturday might well be a considered a day off as far as working on the book goes.

commits by hour

This shows that this book is clearly an after-hours project. I do manage to sneak in a few commits during the business day, and I would have to guess those are notes or scripts as opposed to actual manuscript writing.

Both of these graphs intuitively make sense to me!

There won’t be a BLOG post next week, due to the Christmas holiday. Thanks for reading everyone!