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Show Me the Money

When I tell people about the book project, some of them say that this is my secret path to financial riches. I’m very quick to point out that as I write the book, it generates no income, and even when it does get printed, I’m going to still need a day job.

There are two components in my financial proceeds from this book: the advance and the royalty. In the case of the advance, the money is enough to buy a new couch. It’s a nice reward, but it is not anything that approaches what I make as a programmer. The royalty, on the other hand, is a wildcard. If enough people buy the book, it could become something significant. If no one buys it, I’ll get nothing.

My goal is that the book earns my advance, so that I can make royalties. After that threshold is reached, it’s all gravy. By my uncorroborated calculations, I think that 1500 copies of the book would have to be sold before that happens. I hope my book stays in Manning’s catalog a good long time.

Thank You for reading!