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The Tedious Part

I’ve been adding a table of Git commands to the end of every chapter (where applicable). It was a good suggestion, and it’s been a good exercise. I’m nearly done with this, but I will admit it has been tedious.

Tedium largely describes the work between now and when the book moves into production. I’ll be correcting problems found by reviewers. I’ll be reacting to edits from the editors. I’ll even revisit old diagrams and figures, manipulating them where necessary.

In some places that I’ve worked, this part of a project is known as polishing. I like that. The image in my head is me using a tool to smooth down the rough edges of my creation. Nothing big needs to get fixed, but there’s lot of smaller details to attend to.

The last bit of new writing that needs to be done is the preface and introduction. I’m actually looking forward to writing these last few pages. I do have to get through a few weeks of this detailed work first.

Thank You for reading!