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Keeping Content Current

One of the things that has made the writing easy is that the interface to Git has remained consistent. Since its release, Git’s core commands (git init, git add, git commit, git status, git log, git push, git fetch, and git merge) have always meant the same thing.

Switches have been added, and the underlying details have changed, but for the most part these commands work the same across the major versions of Git. What this means for me and you is that the contents of this book should remain current for years to come.

One area that has had a bit of churn recently is Git hosting. In chapters 12 and 18, I make brief mention of, a website that hosts Git repositories. Just this week (March 3, 2015), GitLab announced that it was acquiring Gitorious, and shutting down the hosting.

This means, of course, changing the content a bit of 12 and 18. The book’s website will probably have links to errata and updates, but I hope Git’s core commands and how they’re used will withstand the test of time.

Thanks, everybody, for reading!